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Taking Command Of Your WiFi Network

CommandIQOne App To Rule Them All

LightBurst Broadband is pleased to announce the release of our newest smartphone app to manage your home WiFi network, CommandIQTM. CommandIQ gives you easy access to a snapshot view of your home or small business network. Through the app you can view all the connected devices on your network, set up parental controls or a guest network, change your SSID and password, and more. The app can be used to control both our GigaCenter and GigaSpire WiFi routers.

Setup is as easy as downloading the app from either the Google or Apple App stores, creating an account and scanning the QR code of the bottom of your router to connect the router to your account.

The Dashboard gives you complete control over the devices in your home. All your connected devices are placed into a variety of categories such as: All devices, Phone, Media player, Computer, Console, Camera, Television or Network.

Other available features include

Parental Control (Basic): The ability to set profiles and assign devices for basic on/off control.

Guest Network: Enabling you to quickly and easily set up a network for guests that won’t interfere with your home network.

Device List: Shows all connected devices by category.

Network Usage: Shows how much bandwidth each device on your network is using after running a bandwidth test.

Enable Application: Allows you to enable Alexa to perform actions with the GigaSpire MAX.

Disable Application: Allows you to disable applications that you are currently using.

Bandwidth Test: Allows you to run a test from your GigaSpire to the Internet, removing any slow down from a device initiated test. If you have any GigaMesh installed, it will also run a speed test between your Mesh units and the GigaSpire.

*ExperienceIQ Parental Control (Enhanced): Provides the ability to set profiles, assign devices, schedule offline time, add content filters, app filters and website filters,and view profile usage. *Additional fee applies.

*ProtectIQ Network Security:  Provides network level protection against malware,viruses, etc. *Additional fee applies.

Upgrade today to a LightBurst Broadband GigaSpire WiFi router and use CommandIQ to take control of your network.

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Spring Clean Your WiFi

71% of U.S. broadband homes have Wi-Fi and 100% of these homes will experience problems at some point.


The location of your router can make all the difference in getting the WiFi signal to all corners of your house. The best solution is to place the router as close to the center of your house as possible. We can help you to identify the best location and then check signal strength throughout your house. If necessary we can recommend a location for a WiFi extender or Mesh satellite to better cover those hard to reach rooms.


Single-Band Wi-Fi routers offer a very limited channel selection and there can often be interference with your neighbor’s Wi-Fi. Other sources of interference can come from common appliances in your home such as microwave ovens and baby monitors. All these can cause interrupted service and intermittent disconnection. Upgrading your Wi-Fi router to a new GigaCenter or GigaSpire home gateway with both 2.4 and 5.0 MHz bands and the latest WiFi technology will greatly increase your satisfaction.


Network congestion within your own home can be the cause of most Wi-Fi problems. Every connected device is transmitting data and special care must be taken to insure that an unexpected download or upload from a device isn’t causing you to max-out your bandwidth and crashing the whole network. We will look at the your past broadband usage to recommend the best Internet package for your family.

 While Spring is in the air and cleaning out clutter is on your mind, let us help you get the best performance from your WiFi. Call today to set an appointment for one of our staff to help.