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Reliable phone service for your home

LightBurst Broadband's Residential Home Phone service offers unmatched phone quality backed by the reliability of an all-digital network. We have been providing the people of Gunnison Valley with safe, secure and reliable phone service for over one hundred years. Our all-digital network provides proven phone quality with no dropped calls or spotty service locations. Just reliable service and clear connections.

Choose the plan you want and get the features you need...

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    Basic Phone Service

    Reliable Service and Low Price

    1. Superior voice and data line quality
    2. Available even during power outages
    3. Local usage
    4. Single-party service
    5. Emergency 911 services
    6. Operator services
    7. Directory assistance
    8. Extended area services - All calls within Sanpete County are local






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    Long Distance Service

    Per Minute Calling Plan

    1. No monthly charge for this long distance plan. Just pay for what you use.
    2. Both in-state and out-of-sate calls






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